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Kemi works as a wellbeing consultant, personal coach and counsellor. Her work spans aiding entrepreneurs to obtain a better quality of life, career women to overcome their guilt of career or personal ambitions, individuals achieve their health and wellbeing goals and counselling young adults to face their future with self-confidence and overcome life stressors. 

After several years of working within strategy and communication roles, Kemi turned her skills and talents to wellbeing and mental health in the corporate and education sector.  She is passionate about helping organisations and individuals through wellbeing and delivering truly meaningful transformations that drive productive, fulfilled and healthy individuals.

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I started my career in the notoriously fast-paced and highly demanding advertising and marketing industry. Climbed the corporate leader with passion and grit, grinding away at the long days and often working into the early hours.  My career successfully grew, this, unfortunately, did not manifest itself as a happy period. I became increasingly anxious, battling with self-doubt and low confidence.  I decided to get answers the best way I knew and enrolled on a Masters in Counselling degree. I passed with flying colours achieving a distinction, however, this was still not enough.


I continued to work in the advertising industry, landed my dream job or so I thought. Although, armed with the knowledge I was capable and skilled at my job, the consistent need to churn work out and manage increasing workloads dented my mental health further.
The final straw came when I noticed an increase in cases of colleagues signed off for mental health issues, resigning due to stress, or diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses.


I decided to take action by seeking a coach, she helped me to prioritize and manage my family demands and deal with the pressures of my stressful job.  In the process of this journey, I rediscovered my love for personal development and helping others through counselling and coaching.
I decided to put into practice my experience as a businesswoman and my training as a Counsellor and established my wellbeing consultancy. I am more fulfilled than ever, I have the work-life balance that I longed for and I can spend more time with my children and family.  I have the pleasure of helping others and seeing my clients progress and achieve their ideal life.

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