How balanced is your Wellbeing?
The following questionnaire is a basic tool for an initial self-assessment
of your current thoughts and behaviours.
This questionnaire is not scientific, but may provide you with
an understanding of what you are successfully achieving in your wellbeing
and what areas are worth investing more care.
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Wellness Questionnaires
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A healthy mind and body is influenced by a healthy sleep pattern,
balanced nutrition and regular exercise

*Physical - walk, cycle, run


Our surroundings plays a crucial role in our wellbeing and can help
us overcome stress, aid our mood and improve our mental health .



How we form and maintain healthy relationships is an essential
link to our wellbeing



It is important we understand how our own thoughts and behaviours
help or hinder our wellbeing goals



Taps into how we see and be in the world. It also encompasses how we
relax, resolve conflict and how we interact with the world around us.



An active mind and a sense of self-worth are also vital components for our
wellbeing. Financial security plays a key role in our sense of worth and control

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