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 . . you will most certainly end up on the highest court of justice. You'll love the challenge, love the camaraderie, love the cases that can change your career forever. The work you do as a prosecutor will serve as a beacon to all of America. You will be encouraged and supported and you will know that you have a purpose. You should be warned that when you accept your first job as a prosecutor your life will change forever. You'll be given tremendous responsibility and power over people's lives. People will think of you as a savior. You'll be out of your element and you'll have to learn to balance your family life with your career. But, you'll love the challenge. . . . In Don't Be a Pig you start out as an ordinary pig but, as you climb the hog pile you'll realize that your life will never be the same. You'll love the pressure of having to get a job done in a short amount of time. You'll love the thrill of getting your first case. You'll love the competition and you'll love the people you work with. And, you'll love it when your hard work pays off. And, finally, in Change of Plans you start as a flight attendant, love it and then leave the airline. The only problem is that as you're pondering your new future you decide to change your ticket and land in the state of Indiana. You find your perfect job and you love it. But, all of a sudden it doesn't feel right. It's the people. You just don't feel comfortable being a woman in such a man's world. You won't have it easy. You'll have your first time as a prosecutor. You'll hate being a prosecutor. And, you'll miss the nice comfy life you had as a flight attendant. But, you'll deal with it and you'll make it through. And, at the end of the day you'll know that you made the right decision. As you look for your first job, all of the jobs are the same. The only differences are the people, the pay, and the stories behind the cases. From the start, and for the rest of your career, you have one goal and one goal only: to make sure that if a person is guilty, that person is guilty. If you ask for advice, the best advice is to be yourself




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Judged: A Court Simulator Free Download pekaelly
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