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An Integrated look at Wellness

Managing our wellness is not a skill that comes naturally, we all need to learn and discover how to maintain a healthy and balanced wellbeing. Unfortunately, it takes a sudden life crisis, loss of a job or loss of a loved one to evaluate how our wellbeing may be dented in one or more key components.

Wellness is a balancing act across several dimensions such as Relationships, Health, Self, Intellectual/ Financial, Environment and Spirituality. These dimensions are integrated and interlinked to form who you are and how you interact with the world around you.

So, what do these components consist of and why do we need to pay attention to them?

What role does Relationships play in our wellbeing?  

Why you should care for yourself?

Is physical health enough?

Why does Intellectual stimulation aid self-worth?

…(as with Financial security)

Why your environment is critical to your wellbeing?

Why a sense of spiritual balance helps your wellbeing?

Is there such a thing as a balanced Wellbeing?

Seeking balance is not easy, and arguably questionable that we can achieve total balance across all dimensions at the same time.

Each component is consistently moving and changing, and it is unlikely that we can achieve a perfectly balanced set of components. Instead, we may see the focus move from one area of our wellbeing to another. The best we can all do is to have a healthy relationship with ourselves and those around us, this will help stimulate and maintain a healthy yet fluid interaction with the dimensions of our wellbeing.

If you have further questions or would like assistance with assessing your wellbeing, then get in touch with me – Kemi Fadero for your personalised assessment.

Kemi Fadero is a Wellbeing Consultant and Coach based in Cambridge, UK. Kemi’s career encompassed working for multinationals in various continents. Her interest in wellbeing and coaching was a result of working in an increasingly challenging business landscape and juggling a household of three kids containing a set of twin boys. Over the years working in corporate life, she noticed the increased demands of modern life on her family, colleagues and friends. She decided to help others feeling the strain of modern life by leveraging her background in Psychology, Counselling and her passion for fitness and wellbeing. She now coaches individuals seeking to overcome their wellbeing challenges and works with organisations to develop wellbeing programs.

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