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Helping you achieve career fulfilment and  personal development 

The career coach program is designed to cater for your specific career needs, and we will seek to understand your specific criteria for career fulfilment, and set clear goals and action plans. I offer clients a CV clinic, job search support and interview rehearsal to build your confidence to achieve your career goals.


Delivering sustainable and practical  long term wellbeing results

Our wellbeing and life coaching program provides clients with action-oriented and practical coaching assistance. Tailored to your specific needs, for example; if you would like to instil healthier habits from regular exercise to better sleep hygiene, I will work with you to design and implement a plan and help you achieve your goals in a steady and sustainable manner.


Designing strategic wellbeing programs to aid staff productivity and wellbeing

At Wellness Link we take an employee-centric approach and align this with the company values and goals. Our wellbeing program incorporates staff and leadership engagement to ensure meaningful and tangible wellbeing and diversity programs.  We help facilitate exchange between staff and leadership, to develop strategy and guidelines for a happy and productive workforce.


Mental health counselling for managing life stressors proactively

Wellness link offers counselling; short or long-term therapy for overcoming  past distress, or present emotional concerns.  At your own pace, we explore emotional challenges which may have an hold on your present and future wellbeing. For clients who are ready to steer their journey forward we identify the tools to aid acceptance, forgiveness and relisence.

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I sought career counselling because I have felt for some time unfulfilled with my work and believed I could achieve more. I soon realised the programme was not only about writing a CV and accompanying letter but also entailed examining the balance between all aspects of my life; professional and personal. I have gained considerable confidence and a much more focussed mindset. Kemi created a personalised action plan which enabled me to make rapid transformations. She also provided support when I was facing challenging moments with a quick phone call or text message and went beyond my expectation. I cannot express in words my gratitude and highly recommend Wellness Link.

Magel Franco

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