Kemi is knowledgeable and experienced. Her approach to coaching and wellbeing is quite unlike other coaching I’ve seen/lived through. It’s thorough and will walk the walk with you, not just leave you to hopefully do things you are already struggling with. If she’s not fully booked already, it’s only a matter of time! Absolutely recommend Wellness Link.

As a working mother and a person very attached to things (children art works, memories in general), I had some difficulties to keep on top of the household clutter. I needed some assistance to declutter the house and Kemi helped me to determine a strategy and approach that suited the time I had available. We discussed the emotional attachments that was holding me back, and she helped me categorise and realised that nothing will be wasted and I would still keep what was special. We worked on an action plan for the whole family, and she provide a 10 point guide, which I can refer to on my own. Kemi provided the motivation I needed to feel more in control of the family home.

Sometimes it’s challenging to balance life and business. Recently I’ve found it very difficult to ‘prioritise life’ and struggled with stress, burnout and anxiety. I’ve been looking for a ‘life coach’ for a while, but never found someone who would be the right fit for me - until I’ve met Kemi. I was looking for someone who could help me find some answers, point me in the right direction and help me make some changes in my life. I really enjoyed working with Kemi. She took the time to listen to me, ask question to understand my situation better, and she made me feel safe. I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking to improve their wellbeing and need some guidance to achieve better work-life balance. You deserve to be happy, and Kemi can help!

I sought career counselling because I have felt for some time unfulfilled with my work and believed I could achieve more. I soon realised the programme was not only about writing a CV and accompanying letter but also entailed examining the balance between all aspects of my life; professional and personal. I have gained considerable confidence and a much more focussed mindset. Kemi created a personalised action plan which enabled me to make rapid transformations. She also provided support when I was facing challenging moments with a quick phone call or text message and went beyond my expectation. I cannot express in words my gratitude and highly recommend Wellness Link.

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